Life Notes

“The Mind of Jesus!”
“Don’t you know that I must be about my Father’s business?” Those words, stopped Mary and Joseph in their tracks as Mary questioned her twelve year old son why He had remained behind in Jerusalem without telling them. They did not understand what He meant.

As Jesus went about His Father’s business in the years of His ministry, he healed, performed miracles and taught, revealing His identity and mission. Often, people did not understand or want to understand who He was. Yet, Jesus sought them out, commonly using parables to teach in a unique way to bring insight and clarity and reveal “His Father’s business.”

The parables make up a large part of the recorded preaching of Jesus. The parables of Jesus are a guide and inspiration for living and demonstrate the love God has for us. The great themes of Jesus are intimately revealed and expressed in His parables. But perhaps the greatest gift received by studying His parables is that we are put in touch with the mind of Jesus as well, if not better, than any other part of the Gospels. What is the mind of Jesus and what does He tell us? His parables are intriguing, clear, and yet often simultaneously so deep they stop us in our tracks. May the parables of Christ intrigue you, console you, guide you, comfort you and envelope you with His presence.

Question of the Week: Jesus told a parable about a precious pearl in Matthew 13: 45-46. What is the most valuable pearl ever found?

Answer: If a clam pearl counts, it is the “Pearl of Lao Tzu.” It measures 9.45 inches in diameter and weighs 14.1lbs. It is approximately 31,893.5 carats. The pearl itself is valued at nearly 60 million dollars and was extracted from a giant clam.

Update on our LifeCenter
The Planning Team met twice in August with our architect, Rick Geiler. Rick reported that he had a very encouraging meeting in early August with city officials discussing building details of the LifeCenter. In that meeting, the fire chief gave the important opinion that we will not have to install a sprinkler system in the building.

More design details were proposed by Geiler to the Planning Team and were approved. Site details approved included those that will reduce grading and eliminate a need for fill dirt. The Team also completed the Detailed Design aspects of the building including the location and number of cabinet, shelves, etc. The design is now submitted to contractors for bids on the various aspects of the building. Receiving those bids will allow us to determine costs and when construction will start.

We pray and trust that God will lead us as we go, serving Him. Our LifeCenter for Christ and Community Campaign Co-Leaders are R.O. Ouellette and Jason and Lynette Windhorst. Contact me, Pastor Larry at 402-641-3692 or for more information on our prayer team and the vision we have in serving Him.

Confirmation Class
Our confirmation class for those in 6th, 7th or 8th grade begins on Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 7 p.m. at Word of Life. We presently have 3 seventh graders enrolled. The students will be accompanied by their parents or grandparents and will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. For more information call Pastor Oetting at 402-643-3651

LifeGroup Information
LifeGroup is the name for our small groups at Word of Life. In LifeGroups we share, we study and we support. The leader facilitates the discussion centering on the life that Jesus gives us. LifeGroup members are partners in the Word, by God’s grace and direction, living life together, no matter what.

We will resume our LifeGroups next week after taking a break during August. One LifeGroup meets on Wed. at 7 p.m. twice a month. A Men’s LifeGroup meets every Wednesday at 6:30 a.m. at Word of Life. Three Sunday Morning LifeGroups meet at 9:15 a.m. at Word of Life. Call Pastor Larry at 402-641-3692 for information.