Life Notes

“The Word Remains Forever” – 1 Peter 1:25
Peter woke up with the dream still raw in his memory. It was a familiar dream, really a flashback to when Jesus had asked him, “Peter do you love me?” The scene was by the Sea of Galilee, days after the Easter morning, when life as it had been known changed forever. Jesus had appeared to the disciples twice after He rose from the tomb, as they were gathered together in Jerusalem. Jesus then had left them and now they were alone waiting. One afternoon, Peter decided to go fishing, something he hoped would relieve the ache and loneliness he felt. Yet, after a night of an empty net, he and his fellow disciples headed back to the shore. Greeted by the voice of a lone figure standing on the shore, they followed His directions and cast the empty net to the other side of the boat. With their net now overloaded with fish they knew it was their Lord. They landed their boat with Peter leading the way rushing to be with his Savior. Later after breakfast, Jesus asked Peter three times, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?”

The dream had ended at that point with Peter feeling the tug of what Jesus had said to his reply, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.” As he prayed that morning he asked, “Lord, how must I feed your sheep?”

Question of the week: Peter wrote his letters to his fellow exiles during the reign of what infamous Roman Emperor?

Answer: Nero was the Roman Emperor that reigned during the time Peter wrote his letters. Most experts believe that the worst of Nero’s persecutions happened soon after Peter’s letters were written.

Partners (Congregation) Meeting
Everyone is invited to attend a congregation meeting that we will hold immediately after the service Sunday. At the meeting we will consider and decide on the Lay Ministry Team recommendation to begin construction our LifeCenter, our planned church building.

Update on our LifeCenter
The Planning Team met with Rick Geiler, our architect, on March 10 to review the bids that have been returned. The bids came back within the financial guidelines the Planning Team set. A recommendation to proceed with the construction of the LifeCenter will be presented to the congregation Sunday for a vote on whether to begin the building process.