Life Notes “Devoted to What?” Acts 2:42-43

“Devoted to What?” Acts 2:42-43

Suddenly the church of a hundred grew to over 3000 that day of Pentecost those many years ago. The promise was accepted by those who heard Peter preach for repentance and forgiveness. “Save yourself and look to the risen Christ,” was the word of Peter. Baptized they received the Holy Spirit as was promised.


Now they gathered together with excitement and joy for fellowship, prayer, breaking of bread devoted to the apostles’ teaching. What were their interests and needs? What did they seek to hear and what did the apostles teach that brought their devotion?


Jesus had told the disciples, “teach them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Earlier as Luke reports it, Jesus opened up the minds of the disciples to understand the Scriptures. Now they would explain and teach from the Scriptures, speak about Jesus who they had lived with, and the resurrected Christ they had seen with their own eyes. What did it feel like for the new believers as they listened? Luke simply says, “And awe came upon every soul.” Amazing time. Which brings the question? Can we be filled with awe?


Question: Why did Peter, cite from the Old Testament  Prophet Joel, in his sermon at Pentecost?

Answer: The power of the Holy Spirit was so visible on that day of Pentecost that the Jewish people were confused and tried to explain away the Spirit given ability, for the followers of Christ, to speak the languages of those from foreign lands. The explanation, Peter declared, was to be found in the Old Testament Book of Joel, a text the doubters recognized. And so he cites Joel, “God says, that I will pour out my Spirit on all people,” to explain what was happening as they heard all around them.