Life Notes  “Amber Alert!”   Luke 2:45-47  

 “Amber Alert!”   Luke 2:45-47                                               

Things had been going so well. As was their custom, Mary and Joseph, had traveled to Jerusalem, to participate in the Festival of the Passover. 

The three day trip from Nazareth with Jesus their 12 year old son, was with family and friends. As they approached Jerusalem they could see the Temple of Jehovah, as they strode up the mount singing the Songs of the Ascents. It was a special time again in Jerusalem as they brought their sacrifice to the Temple. As they observed their son Jesus, they were pleased that he was there with them, as the next year would be time for his Bar Mitzvah. When the time came for them to return home, they were refreshed, filled with joy, as they began the three day journey. But the first evening Mary and Joseph could not find Jesus. What had happened? Had Jesus started the trip? Had he been seen? The answer was Jesus was missing. Thinking of all the possibilities of what might have happened to their son they rushed back to Jerusalem. What would they find?

              Life Received, Life Together, Life Giving- John 10:10

Question: Why did Mary, Joseph and Jesus travel to Jerusalem for the Passover?

Answer: Theoretically, Jewish men were required to go to three feasts in Jerusalem each year — Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles — though only the Passover was strictly observed. Those at some distance, especially the poor, could not attend all the feasts. But women — and sometimes children — might attend, too. Passover celebrated God delivering the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt, and pilgrims to the feast would stay a minimum of two days, often the full seven days. The custom of Jesus’ family to go every year to Jerusalem for the Passover festival indicates that they faithfully followed this Jewish practice.