“Mockingjay & Our Calling!”
“What is a Mockingjay?” is a question probably best answered by those under 20 and other fans of Suzanne Collins and her books about the future world. This future world is centered around a cultural event called the Hunger Games. The movie “Mockingjay” is named after a hybrid bird in this future world portrayed in the Hunger Games trilogy. The Mockingjay can mimic voices and songs perfectly and repeats and repeats and repeats. In the trilogy the Mockingjay becomes a symbol of hope against tyranny and evil.

Katniss Everdeen survives the Hunger Games, becomes a heroine and her oppressed fellow citizens view her as the Mockingjay. Katniss volunteered to enter the games replacing her younger sister, Primrose. She answered her calling because of her love for Primrose and her sense of duty. Surviving she discovers she has a new calling. She is confronted with a calling to overcome evil, tyranny and bring freedom to those who are oppressed. This was not Katniss’ plan or desire. Yet the tyrannized fellow citizens see Katniss as their only hope against the evil that holds them as slaves. The call is there and repeats and repeats and repeats. How is it answered?

Question of the week: In the Old Testament, God sent special men and a woman called judges to lead the Israelites. What was the role of these Israelite judges?

Answer: The judges did many times play the role as an official with the authority to administer justice, as we commonly view judges. Most judges however acted primarily as military leaders in times of war. These leaders were thought of as being sent by God to deliver the people from a threat.

Lutheran Marriage Encounter Weekend
Invest in the Success of Your Marriage on a Lutheran Marriage Encounter Weekend! The next Weekend is Feb 13-15, 2015, at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lincoln Airport in Lincoln, NE. Apply online at GodLovesMarriage.org, or contact Randy & Jill Sigler at randjsigler@inebraska.com or 402-486-1342 for more information. But hurry – pre-registration is required by January 13, 2015.

LifeCenter Update- On Schedule
We are hoping to move into our new facility in late January. Our work team has been very active this past week under the leadership of Luke Renken. Chairs for the sanctuary have been ordered and our sign and logo for the side of the church is being prepared. A contractor has been hired to install the carpet. The address is 200 Fletcher Avenue.