Order of Service—June 26, 2022
Communion Statement
Baptized adult Christians and those who have completed confirmation, who
know they need God’s daily forgiveness, who are sorry for their sins, who seek
God’s forgiveness, and who believe the body and blood of Jesus Christ are truly
present in this meal are invited to share this great gift of God.
We encourage those who are unsure of their beliefs or who don’t yet agree with
our beliefs to use the time of communion to reflect, pray, and sing. We encourage those who are in agreement with us in our beliefs to receive the body and
blood of Jesus given and shed for our forgiveness.
Greet One Another
Songs: “Rise Up and Praise Him”
“All Creatures of Our God and King”
Confession and Absolution
Nicene Creed
“Swing Low Sweet Chariot”
“Here I Am Lord”
“Holy Spirit”
Reading from Galatians 5:13-25
Offering and Children’s Message
Message: “Freedom in Service”
Closing Song: “Our Father”
Go in Peace + Serve the Lord!