What happened to that fire from the Holy Spirit and the power that the Spirit unleashed on that Pentecost Day.

A roaring wind announced the Spirits presence and believers were given the gift to speak foreign languages and a passion to tell the story of the Messiah who died for all and rose again. Commissioned by the promised Spirit, the faithful 120 gathered in the upper room became witnesses sharing the Good News. The burning fire within their hearts led, strengthened and guided them to love and support each other. Fellowship, community and relationshipsin Christ spiraled upward to new heights. Thousands joined the Way first in Jerusalem, then Samaria and then throughout the world. With the Way becoming such a force, with many priest becoming believers, the Sanhedrin directed persecution.
Being persecuted,  members of the Way fled Jerusalem but God continued to lead and bless them.  Peter, through the Spirit, was directed in a vision to speak to Cornelius, a Roman Centurion.  Peter bore witness to the Gentiles allowing and beginning witnessing “to all nations.”
Sunday our two confirmands, Kayla Bratrsovsky and Nyabhan Bol will bear witness to their faith following the path of Peter. Peter said, “we are witnesses….that everyone who believes in Him (Jesus) receives forgiveness of sins through His name.  Kayla and Nyabhan, will witness Sunday, that Jesus is their Savior.  
Question: What brought Peter, the disciple and Cornelius, the Roman Centurion together?
Answer: Peter and Cornelius both received visions. Cornelius was told by an angel to send men to ask Peter to join him. When they arrived where Peter was staying, the Spirit told Peter to go with them. This is where Peter would again witness for Christ.