Life Giving

Our Ministry is to follow Apostle Paul’s challenge to walk in wisdom towards those outside the church (Col. 4:5). Our desire is to be a “church without walls” involved in community service activities, building relationships and sharing the mystery of Christ. God has blessed us with a church home that will facilitate our ministry. By God’s grace, Word of Life invites all for an exciting, challenging, renewing, encouraging life together in and through the Word.

Mission and Prayer Garden

The mission and prayer garden exists as a place for prayer and contemplation of God’s word, while serving the broader community by growing food to give it away to those in need.

Orphan Grain Train

We serve and support the Orphan Grain location in Lincoln. We collect donations and members regularly volunteer. Check out their website to learn how you can get involved!

Missionary Support

We support a missionary family in Mongolia. Because of the sensitive nature of their work there, we don’t share their name online. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more or provide support!

October: Trunk – or – Treat

 Around Halloween when so much of our country turns its attention toward death and gore and fear and, frankly, evil, we as a congregation have the opportunity to shine the light of Christ into darkness. We do this by telling the Story of Everything, within which God definitively deals with the wickedness and evil of the world by sending His Son. Participants decorate their trunks to tell different parts of the Story of Everything from Creation to New Creation.

April: Easter Egg Hunt

The weekend of Palm Sunday we invite the community to join us in the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt! Children hunt for Easter Eggs outside and then enjoy games and Bible stories inside!

June/July: VBS

2024: Dates TBA, 9:00-11:00am

Each year we offer a Christ-Centered summer camp for children, exploring a unique theme and with an array of ever changing and ever exciting activities!