The Stone Was Rolled Away- Luke 24:1-2                     

Midway to their destination, Mary Magdalene,

Mary the mother of James, and Salome were asking each other, “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?” Passover Sabbath was over and they were on their way to anoint the body of their Savior with spices. Perhaps several of the disciples would be there to roll the stone away. Or they could appeal to the soldiers on duty. Maybe they would have pity on them and help them.

Imagine their surprise when they come to the tomb and find the stone rolled away. All of a sudden their practical problem was solved. What was their first reaction? Was it, “How did this happen?” or “Now we can complete our mission and anoint the body of our Savior. No matter what their first reaction was, they would soon find out the significance of an open tomb “He is risen! He is risen indeed.”

                 Life Received, Life Together, Life Giving- John 10:10



Question:  How much did the stone weigh that was rolled in front of the tomb of Jesus?


Answer: We know it was large and heavy. According to Mark 16:1-2 there was at least three women who knew they could not move it–even though it could be rolled. We can estimate the weight. The size of the opening of the tomb suggests the stone measured 48 inches across. It must have also been thick enough so as not to tip over–minimum of 12 inches, perhaps more. With those measurement we can see that the stone probably weighed more than 3,000 pounds.