“Have No Fear!” – Psalm 23:4
David knew fear and could speak about it. Fear of the unknown, of threatening situations, is an automatic response. What we do with fear, how we let it affect us, shows not only our character but predicts how we respond to fear. David writes in Psalm 23, “I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” Evil, meaning difficulties, sin, temptation, and calamities of all sort, has no hold on us because the Shepherd is with us.

How do we conquer fear of the evil? Even though we walk in the narrowness of the dark unknown, we do not fear evil as we know who is with us. The key to not being controlled by fear then is what? Where do we find, how do we get that trust in the Shepherd, that shields us from evil?

Question of the week: As a youth, David’s father, Jesse, sent David to take food to his older brothers who were in battle against the Philistines. A Philistine warrior, a giant called Goliath, was insulting and challenging the Israelite soldiers, nation and God. How did David respond?

Answer: David challenged his brothers to do something. When his brothers and no one from the army of Israel would step forward, David went to King Saul and volunteered. What happened then? 1 Samuel 17 tells the story.

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