“Protected!” – Psalm 23:4
Just a few days ago, threatening ominous dark clouds appeared on the horizon. Weather news reporters gave minute by minute details of tornado sightings and warnings to take cover. Where do you go to be protected when the threat of a tornado is imminent? You seek coverage! If you are fortunate and have the time, you proceed to a storm cellar. But any cellar is better than being unprotected, without any coverage.

There is nothing like real danger to move you toward safety and security. Our Lord is our caretaker. Like a shepherd, who is equipped with a staff and rod to protect his sheep by reigning in and warding off, our Lord protects us with His powerful might and unsurpassable presence. The promise we are given in all situations is that He is with us and we are safe. “I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.” Psalm 23:4.

Question of the week: The shepherd’s staff use or purpose to guide, inspect and even retrieve with its crook is well known. But what is the shepherd’s rod and how was it used?

Answer: The rod is a club, three to four feet in length, used for protection. African herdsmen shepherding their stock still use a long slender stick, the staff, and a “knob-kerrie,” the rod. For the rod, a young sapling is dug from the ground, carved and whittled down shaping the enlarged base of the sapling into a smooth, rounded head of hard wood. The rod is an extension of the owner’s own right arm. It is a symbol of his strength, his power, his authority that will be used to protect.

Update on our LifeCenter
The new address for Word of Life is 200 Fletcher Drive. The major clearing and groundwork is completed, contracts signed and foundation work scheduled for May/June. A construction loan has been obtained from Cattle National Bank.

Compassion Sunday
Word of Life will recognize the needs of the impoverished children of this world and the needs of our returning wounded soldiers and their families with a free will offering next Sunday, May 25. Our offering will be divided between Compassion in Jesus Name and Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Heal our Patriots.

Vacation Bible School
Our Word of Life Vacation Bible School dates are June 23-27, and you can register your child or to help on our web site. Each daily session is from 9 a.m. to noon. Any child can participate in VBS, as long as he or she is at least 4 years old (exceptions are made) and he or she will not enter a grade higher than 6th grade in the fall. (Sixth grade and older are needed to help.) Click here for more information.