“Was Paul a Prosperity Pastor?”
God’s story doesn’t begin with you and it doesn’t end with you. But God’s story does include all of us. By grace, we have a place and a purpose, and we are called out to a life full of promise and prosperity. Prosperity in what sense? Why should we expect it and exactly how does this prosperity affect us, change our attitude and expectations?

Question of the week: Paul wrote his letter to the Romans around 55 AD. What was the size of the Rome at that time?

Answer: At the time of Paul, the city of Rome had a population well in excess of one million people. Most of its population were slaves. The conquests of Rome’s legions brought immense wealth to the city. People from all over Rome’s vast empire crowded the city. They brought with them the religions of their lands. To this thriving, bustling capitol of the empire, Paul desired to come that he may bring the witness of Christ “to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8.

Pilger, Nebraska Rescue Effort
Grant Schmidt, who recently was selected as CEO of the Orphan Grain Train, located in Norfolk, has been on site working with the Pilger Rescue Effort. We hope to hear more from Grant about the rescue effort today.

Sean Wieting has organized a team that will go Pilger, probably June 26 to 28. They will work with the Samaritan’s Purse organization helping those who have been devastated by the tornadoes that struck their community.
Sean indicates his team is probably full but can give more information on how to be involved. His number is 402-416-7933.

Vacation Bible School
Our Word of Life Vacation Bible School dates are June 23-27, and you can register your child or to help on our web site. There have been adjustments made to the program, including schedule changes. We will meet each day from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pastor will be directing VBS this year with 10 leaders and helpers. We have customized and adapted because of the number of children enrolled and also that the majority are very young. We are expecting 18-23 children this year By cutting back to two hours a day and adapting to meet the interest and abilities of the younger children, we trust and pray that we will have a fun and blessed faith building time.

June 29 Lunch after Service
Master Chef R.O. is preparing the main dish for our get-together meal. Details of the Life Center building progress as well as our fund raising efforts will be shared. Bring a desert or salad and celebrate with and thank the VBS participants, parents and teachers who are our guest.