“God, Our Father!” – Romans 8:12-17
In America, Christianity used to be a strong cultural force. Prayer was said in public schools. At graduation, high schools would hold baccalaureate services led by ministers. In December, one could find a nativity proudly displayed in the public square. That connection between Christianity and American culture is dying. We find ourselves being marginalized. Survival of Christianity is in question. Has God abandoned His people?

Paul knew the suffering status of Christians in this world. In Rome, Christianity was not a legal established religion. Christians were considered foolish as they expressed their faith especially in their worship of one God. They confessed “Jesus is Lord” in a culture that confessed “Caesar is Lord.” Recognizing this challenge Paul assures the Roman Christians that God would never leave them.

Our culture tells us we are foolish in our beliefs in a loving almighty Creator. Paul’s answer is that no matter what we face, we are children of God, blessed by the Spirit with an identity and “papers of adoption” so we can say “Abba Father!” Take that Caesar, and take that secular, unbelieving sophisticated society that we live in.

Question of the week: Paul wrote to the Romans using what language?

Answer: The language Paul used was Greek, not Latin as you might expect. Greek was the “universal” language of that timr.

Pilger, Nebraska Rescue Effort
Grant Schmidt, who recently was selected as CEO of the Orphan Grain Train, located in Norfolk, continues to work with the Pilger Rescue Effort. Direct grants to those who have lost their home are being given by the Orphan Grain Train organization. Orphan Grain Train is building a portable chapel to be used by the Lutheran Church in Pilger that was destroyed by the tornado. Life and work goes on as God blesses and gives strength.

Update on our LifeCenter
Word of Life has received from an anonymous friend a gift of $100,000 for the LifeCenter. We thank and praise God.

Foundation work will be completed with a larger “pour” this Monday, July 14. Our new address is 200 Fletcher Avenue.