“We Are the Lord’s!” – Romans 14:8
Make no mistake, Paul was an encourager. He encouraged with the central truth that we belong together, surrounded with the love of our God. We have been delivered, brought home and nurtured daily as we live our lives. We are no longer wanderers without identity. Our identity compels us, directs us, motivates us and moves us as covenant people. We never ever give up. If circumstances confuse us, sin entangles us, popular opinions of society cause us to pause, to feel like outcast, we are rescued by the love and truth of our Savior.

What lies ahead? How do we live as God wants us to live? Why is the connection with fellow believers critical? Why is prayer, confession and study of the Word an absolute of life together in His presence?

Question of the week: What is a covenant? Why are followers of Jesus correctly called “covenant people?”

Answer: A covenant is an agreement, a promise, a bond. In Hebrews 9:15, we read that God, through Jesus brought us a new covenant, an identity and a promise of a new life.