“Seeds of the Martyrs” – Acts 7:59-60
As followers of Christ, we know that a martyr is someone willing to die rather than deny Christ. The word “martyr,” which comes from the Greek word “mártys,” meaning witness, says it all. What does it take to be willing to be a martyr, a witness for Christ? Tertullian, the 2nd-century Church Father wrote that “the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church,” implying that the martyrs’ willing sacrifice of their lives leads to the conversion of others.

Presently, thousands of Christians are being killed for their faith and millions are being persecuted. The red Arabic letter “n” is sprayed on Christian homes in Mosul, Iraq by Islamic State fighters. The letter “n” stands for nasara, meaning Nazarene, to indicate Christians. Homes and ancient Christian churches are being vandalized. In Syria and elsewhere, Christians are told to accept Allah as their god or leave.

The question is “Why the persecution?” and “What can we do?” What is the lesson or lessons to learn? Sunday, on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, as well as the day we celebrate All Saints Day, we look to the Scripture for answers. The answers are found in the life of Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr, who died saying in a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.”

Question of the week: When do we first learn about Stephen in the Scriptures?

Answer: Stephen was one of the seven men who were selected as “deacons” to assist the disciples by initially handling the behind the scenes daily activities such as food distribution.

Salute to Veterans Day
All Veterans are invited to join us at Malcolm Public School on Tuesday, November 11, from 8:30-9:00 a.m. for a special Veterans Day Program. This will include a short presentation by our students, as well as refreshments and social time for the veterans. How can you participate? Call the school at 402-796-2151 ext. 521 and let us know you will attend! (Share this invite with other Veterans too!). Please let us know your name, military branch, and years of service.
From all Malcolm Administration, Staff, and Students

Prayer Request for Stopping the Devastation of the Ebola Virus
Tim and Beth are missionaries in Guinea presently in the states on leave. They ask that we join them in the following prayer.

“In the name of Jesus, we are praying that this virus will be halted in its tracks. Pray that the truth about this illness will spread in these places, pray for the quick and honest dispersal of aid, and pray for able personnel to help with this crisis. Pray that many people will come to know Jesus as a result of God’s hand.”

LifeCenter Update-200 Fletcher Ave.
Siding is going on this weekend. Framing and other inspections are completed and insulation has been installed by our work team. Dry wall installation is over half completed. Flooring materials have been selected by our color team. We are now able to “lock up” the building in the evening with windows and temporary doors installed. Our new address is 200 Fletcher Avenue.