“Wait for His Son!” – 1 Thessalonians 1:10
The believers prior to the birth of Christ anticipated, yearned for the coming of the Messiah. They waited for the Christ Child who was to come. And He came with the proclamation of angels and adoration of shepherds and wise men from the east.

We celebrate His birth, His coming, this Advent season and, yes, we wait for the Christ who is and was and will come. As Christ lived, died and rose, and is with us, now we anticipate our coming. Our coming? Yes, our coming to His feet as we see Him appear in His majesty.

Letters that Paul wrote to the young church in Thessalonica encourage us with the assurance that Christ will come. Knowing this, we pray for each other, celebrate each other’s victories and gain strength as we wait, knowing He will greet us in His glory. Praise God. And all the people said Amen!

Question of the week: Paul and Silas left Philippi on Paul’s Second Missionary Journey and went to Thessalonica. Where did he go to share the message of the death and resurrection of Christ in the Thessalonica?

Answer: Paul would always begin his sharing of the gospel message in the Jewish synagogue if there was one in the city he was visiting. Paul spoke at the synagogue in Thessalonica for three Sabbaths until some Jews became jealous and created trouble.

LifeCenter Update – On Schedule
We are on schedule to be able to move into our new facility, early next year, perhaps in January. Framing and other inspections are completed, and insulation and siding has been installed by our work team. Furnaces have been turned on and the building activity is now all inside the LifeCenter. Dry wall installation is almost completed and painting has begun. Flooring materials have been selected by our color team and installing carpet and tile is next. We are now able to “lock up” the building in the evening with windows and temporary doors installed. Our new address is 200 Fletcher Avenue.

Christmas Parade
A parade at this time of the year? Yes, a Lighted Christmas Parade in Seward on November 29 at 5:30 p.m. Remember the winter parade that escaped Lincoln? It is in Seward now, and for the fourth year, Word of Life will have a float. Word of Life’s float celebrates the birth of Jesus and is a project by our Youth and Children’s programs. The parade theme this year is “There Is No Place Like Home.” How fitting for us who know that the little babe born in Bethlehem is the gift that brings us the home above all homes, our Heavenly Home.