Life Notes


                            You Are My Refuge- Psalm 142


Imagine you have just entered a cave. You had to walk stooped over the first 20 feet of entrance and then the cave opened up. You stand tall and now your light shows a vast dark cavern of open space. It is damp, dark and cold.


David used a cave for a hideout when fleeing for his life and during that time wrote Psalm 142. What do you expect this psalm to say? Would David talk about being safe?


Is a cave a safe place? Certainly you can find shelter and protection in a cave. But the security of protective walls with only one entrance/exit also brings solitude, isolation, darkness and a self-imposed entrapment. What were his thoughts and concerns? Did he ask, “Where are you God?”


The prophet Samuel, following God’s instructions, had anointed him King of Israel and there he was a fugitive in a cave. Did God really care? What is your situation? Does God care about you? After all, you are also anointed!




Question of the week: Why did David have to flee from King Saul?


Answer: Saul wanted to kill David knowing that David was a threat to him remaining as king. Saul told Jonathan his son, “As long as that son of Jesse (David) is alive, you’ll never be king. Now go and get him so I can kill him!” 1 Samuel 20:31



March 15-   Sunday School and LifeGroups                 9:15 am

                  My Refuge and Strength- Psalm 142         10:30 am

March 22–   Sunday School and LifeGroups                 9:15 am

                  My Soul Waits- Psalm 130                           10:30 am





                        LifeCenter Update- Need Fire Marshall Approval

Word of Life has set up an inspection for our LifeCenter from the State Fire Marshal on March 17th. There is a possibility to have our first service in the LifeCenter on March 22 but more probable is for Good Friday to be our first service in our new church. As soon as we find out the date of the first service in the LifeCenter, we will post it. Soon our address will be 200 Fletcher Avenue.