Declare His Glory!” Psalms 96:3
Declare whose glory? The psalmist says declare the glory of the One who does “marvelous works for all His people.”

Who is this One?  The Lord is the Creator “who made heaven and earth.” How are we declare His Glory? The psalmist writes, “Give God the glory due His name with worship and offerings.  Declare His glory to the nations with joy as the trees of the forest sing for joy to the Creator.
So there we have how to live in the Kingdom of God. We are to give praise to God who was and is and will come. We are to live with joy, worshiping and giving offerings to the Holy One who watches over us with fairness. We are to “Sing unto the Lord a new song,” proclaiming His greatness with joy.
Question: What should we know about Psalm 96?
Answer: Psalm 96 is a universal call to praise the Lord––all people and all creation are invited to join in! This psalm belongs to a group of psalms (93–100) united by genre and motif. These psalms affirm Yahweh’s rule over the earth (see 93:1: “The Lord reigns”). They are called enthronement psalms.  This chapter sings and shouts: Our worship, our joy, is a witness. It’s a witness to God and humankind.