“Do What He Tells You to Do” John 2:5

We are God’s people. As God’s people we follow Him.

In our message Suday, Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a problem. It was a rather minor problem compared to other concerns but it was important to Mary. A wedding celebration in Cana was going to end badly unless more wine could be found. Apparently Mary’s family had close connections to the wedding party in Cana. Mary, Jesus and disciples and His brothers (John 2:13), had been invited and all were there.


Mary was concerned for the host family. There was no more wine. Jewish weddings usually lasted for seven days. Running out of wine would bring dishonor upon the family name. Mary turned to her divine Son for help knowing her Son could do something about it. Jesus first response was, “Women, what does that have to do with me?” Not dismayed, she simply turned to the servants and instructed them, “Do what He tells you to do.”

Wise words for then and for now.


Question: How much water did Jesus turn into wine at the wedding at Cana?

Answer: A lot. Jesus directed the servants to fill 6 purification stone water jars with water (John 2:6-7). The servants did that exactly, filling the stone jars to the brim. Each jar held 20-30 gallons (John 2:6) for a total of 120-180 gallons of water; about 680 liters.