Enter with Confidence- Hebrews 10:19


A priest named Zechariah entered the Holy Place of the temple in Jerusalem. Zechariah, one of thousands of priests, had been selected by lot to enter the Holy Place to burn incense. It was a rare experience for a priest to be selected, but God has chosen Zechariah to serve him in the Holy Place on this day. What emotions did this self -described old man experience as he entered alone to burn incense to and in the presence of the most Holy God? Seemingly he would be delighted, joyful, with a new found confidence that he had this special privilege.

Whatever confidence Zachariah had was soon replaced by fear as an angel of a Lord suddenly appeared to him with unexpected news. The angel’s message was about his son that would be born. Zachariah and Elizabeth’s son would be the prophet of the most high, the Christ. Suddenly, centuries of silence about the Messiah, was broken. This Messiah would shatter the darkness and the wall of separation between God and His people. Now, as we read in Hebrews, “…We have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus.”

Shaken, Zachariah emerged from the Holy Place to a waiting crowd who were wondering why he was taking so long. They wanted his blessing and now there would be no words from Zachariah. Yet his silence was the beginning of the news of the birth of the Messiah, on whom all hope and confidence lie.


Question: What were the priest’s duties in the Old Testament and how were they selected?

Answer: Under the Mosaic Law, the tribe of Levi was dedicated to the service of God. One member of that tribe, Aaron, was selected by God to be the High Priest. His sons and their descendants were to be the priests for the nation. The priests served as the mediators between God and the people. They are the ones who took the people’s sacrifices and offered them up to God. Priest did not spend all their time of service at the temple. Most of the year they had their own homes, farms, and business of which to take care. According to a fixed schedule they took turns performing the duties assigned to them.