“Hold Fast to the Word!” 1 Corinthians 15:2  

Paul wrote to the young Christians in Corinth, “Hold fast to the Word!” Jesus had chosen Saul to be His apostle but certainly Saul didn’t know that as he pursued Christians on the road to Damascus. His introduction to Christ came with a flash of light and hearing the incriminating probing question, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” A new normal began that day for Saul. Now blinded he would be nurtured, baptized and healed by the Spirit so that he see clearly. Seeing clearly Paul would be led by the Spirit to proclaim and declare allegiance to the Savior who claimed him.


 Paul appealed to the Corinthians and to us to “Hold fast to the Word.” In our Scripture today he summarizes the truth of Christ and the witness that Christ gave in the days following Christ victory over death. As Paul had new vision he presents the Good News of the Victory of Christ and tells us who are chosen, to hold fast to the Word.


Question: What did it mean to “Corinthianize”?

Answer: Corinth citizens were known for their extreme decadency and immorality.  To Corinthianize” means to be engrossed in a lewd and sexually immoral lifestyle.