“Speaking About the Kingdom of God!” Acts 1:3


What were the 40 days between the resurrection of Christ and the ascension of Christ like for the followers of Christ? Is it accurate to describe those days as the calm before the storm? There must have been curiosity and also apprehension of what was going to happen next. Confidence was growing but what was going to happen next?


The true sense of God’s plan for them slowly became more visible as it does for us know. Jesus was alive and now much was to come. God’s promise had been fulfilled. The King was alive and Kingdom building was in progress and soon would be released into the world. Luke writes in Acts that Jesus appeared to His followers and spoke to them about the Kingdom of God. Why did He do that and what was He saying?


Question: How often is the phrase Kingdom of God (Matthew uses the phrase Kingdom of Heaven) in the New Testament?


Answer: One source indicates the phrase Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven is used over 100 times in the New Testament.