The Shepherd to Come! Isaiah 40:10-11

It is cold, dark. In frustration and fear the lamb collapses giving up on its attempt to find its way back to its flock. That day had begun so differently.

The lamb knew better of course, but ignoring the call of his shepherd he had moved away in his own path. Farther and farther away from his fellow sheep, exhilarated with the power of his own direction, he breathed in the fresh moist air and grazed happily on the lush untouched grass.

Then it became darker and looking around he was alone and his freedom had betrayed him. As loud as he cried out with his pitiful baas, no one answered. Baa, baa black sheep, is there any hope. Baa, baa black sheep, will the shepherd come?

Question of the week: When did Isaiah live?


Answer: Isaiah was a Biblical prophet who lived in the land of Judah c. 740 – 681 BC.  Isaiah’s name means “YHWH (the LORD) is salvation.” Isaiah had at least a 40-year ministry during which he wrote many Messianic prophesies.