Then He Opened Their Minds!” Luke 24:45 

What was it like for the disciples to suddenly understand with clarity what they previously knew about but only partly understood? Similar perhaps to what we have experienced when we describe what has just happened as a light bulb just turned on. Or even better when we have a breakthrough which we describe as an epiphany, a moment of sudden revelation or insight. It is so clear that we are filled with excitement and energy. What Christ gave to His disciples when He opened their minds was that, plus more.

We all understand that what we experience in the present sometimes doesn’t become clear until we can look back at it with a perspective the future brings. Luke brings us the words of Christ speaking to His disciples and opening their minds so they now understood what they had seen and learned previously as they were taught and led by Jesus. The past became clear and now changed they were led by the revelation of truth shining brightly leading them into the future. So charged, they saw their Savor ascend into heaven after hearing His words, “I am sending the promise of my Father upon you.” Luke 49       



Today our three confirmands, Connor Anno, Grace Donovan and Shauna Moran will bear witness to their faith. They have been blessed through the Spirit to have their minds open and to see and understand the truth that Christ came to witness.  We welcome their families who join us today to witness and celebrate with them as they have been led to a saving belief in Jesus as their Savior.

Question: When and where did the ascension of the Lord take place?


Answer: Forty days after Jesus rose from the dead Jesus ascended into heaven in front of His disciples gathered at the Mount of Olives, as recorded in Acts. Luke’s account states Jesus led them to the vicinity of Bethany. Bethany is a village on the Mount of Olives about two miles east of Jerusalem. So both accounts are consistent and there are no discrepancies in these different accounts.