Understanding the Scriptures.’ Luke 24:44-45 

What was it like for the followers of Christ to experience their greatest lost as they saw Christ, who they thought would be their king, executed crucifixion style?

Why was He crucified?  Crucified because He was just that, King of the Jews. Mourning, guilty because of their betrayal, afraid of threats to their own lives they were frozen. Yet on that Easter day, Christ was alive and during that day and the next 40 days Christ would appear again and again to His faithful. Those 40 days to the Ascension of Christ and then 10 more days waiting for Pentecost were special. It was a time to recognize the Glory of God and the plan of God. During this time of waiting, praying, following Jesus with a new understanding they would no longer be frozen but called and free.


Last Sunday we began our series with the narrative of the Road to Emmaus. Christ taught Cleopas and his companion what the Scriptures said and why their Christ, our Christ, must die. As they began to understand God’s plan of salvation they invited this stranger into their home. As the stranger broke bread, they suddenly knew that Christ himself was speaking to them.


This Sunday, we enter the room where the disciple were gathered just as Cleopas and his companion arrive as they rush back to Jerusalem to share the good news. There soon would be another guest arriving.


Question of the week: Who was in the room in Jerusalem when Cleopas and his companion entered to tell the news that Jesus had appeared to them?


Answer: Luke 24:33b tells us, “And they found the eleven and those who were with them gathered together.” (The term ‘eleven’ is a general reference to the remaining disciple. We know from the Gospel John that Thomas was not there.)