Walk in a Manner Worthy of the Lord!” Col. 1:10

Look again at the person that is approaching you. How the person is walking says a lot doesn’t it. Is the individual walking quickly, stealthily, staggeringly or confidently? Where a person is walking says even more. We walk to get to a destination, to reach a place that in most cases answers a need that we have. The early Christians were called “The Way,” because their walk was together with others who had seen the light. They were following the path, the walk of “The way, the truth and the life.” Paul addressed the followers of the Way in Colossae and told them and us to be filled with spiritual wisdom and walk with power doing good in a way that is “worthy of the Lord.”


With spiritual wisdom we seek to walk in the light. Tomorrow there will be an unnatural darkness with the total solar eclipse. An awe producing phenomena is predicted with a darkness that will come over us. Interesting that tomorrow in the darkness of the solar eclipse we will see the sun more clearly than any other time. The corona of the sun will be visible and research and observations will be made. Light leads but darkness propels and clarifies the need for light. As the light dims and then returns the Creator reigns and we walk in a way that pleases Him.       

Question: How many Bible verses are there about walking with God?

             Life Received, Life Together, Life Giving- John 10:10


Answer: There are over 100 Bible verses about walking with God including today’s text, Col.1:10.

The very first reference in the Bible to walking are these words, “And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.” Genesis 3:8