What You See is What You Get! John 1:29

John the Baptist pointed to Jesus and said to his disciples and us,

“There is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” The Baptist answered the quest of the Wise Men, “Where Is He?” which is the title of the series we continue this Sunday. The wise men from the east found the Savior. Today so many do not know Jesus and the purpose, the hope, the joy that only comes from believing in the Savior of all. The Wise Men had a guiding star that had led them for a great distance in their pursuit of the newborn King. When the star disappeared they went to the palace of Herod who was the King of the Jews. Interestingly, they asked advice from Herod which simply stated, was “crazy” or if you prefer, suffered from what psychologist today would describe as Paranoid Personality Disorder and thus “very troubled.”

Yet, steered in the direction of Bethlehem, the star appears again and the wise men rejoiced and found Jesus and worshipped Him.” Where is He?” was their question. They found Him despite the unbelief, selfishness and hatred of Herod. Unbelief, hatred, disbelief and disdain threaten us today. As we begin a new year, we are blessed to be led by the star and know the answer to, “Where Is He?”

The Baptist knew the answer. What does he say to us today? Behold the Lamb of God. Walk with Him, certain of His love and strengthened through Him to be protected in this Paranoid Personality Disorder world.

Question: Who were the two disciples of John the Baptist who followed Jesus after the Baptist pointed to Jesus and said, “Behold the Lamb of God?”

Answer: The two who hear the Baptist’s words and follow Jesus are Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, and a disciple not named but who is thought to be John the disciple, the author of the book of John.