Life Notes:                                     “Where Is He?” Matthew 2:2,10-11

The wise men from the east had a problem.

Their guiding star that had led them for a great distance in their pursuit of the newborn King had disappeared. So where do you go for directions? Of course, to the palace of Herod, the presiding King of the Jews. How did that work out? Let’s say, they got directions and then some.

Yet, steered in the direction of Bethlehem, the star appears again and the wise men rejoiced and came to the Christ child with Mary His mother. They found Him and worshipped Him.” Where is He?” was their question. How do we answer?

Question of the week: Why was Herod troubled when the wise men from the east asked him, “Where is He that has been born King of the Jews?”


Answer: The wise men arrived in Jerusalem looking for one born king of the Jews. This was particularly disturbing to Herod who had been given the title “King of the Jews” by the Roman senate. Herod’s psychological profile and practice of executing all perceived threats to his throne predicts that Herod would be and was disturbed by news that a Jewish king had been born. Simply stated, Herod was “crazy” or if you prefer, suffered from what psychologist today would describe as Paranoid Personality Disorder and thus very troubled.