The two men on the way to Emmaus had an age old problem. What they were discussing, the unanswerable questions they were asking, is linked to one of the eternal questions that haunt and intrigues all.

What is life about? That question is even more frustrating when what had appeared to be the correct answer suddenly evaporates with new unexplained events. A dissonance regarding the meaning of life confronts us. Why is this happening?

Cleopas and his fellow traveler explained to the uninformed stranger who joined them on their journey what they could not understand. Jesus, who they thought would redeem Israel, had been arrested with false charges and then crucified. Crucified! Jesus died and His body was put into a tomb! Their hope, their Messiah was dead! They further explained, “Now, to make things even more confusing, the tomb where He was laid is empty and women who we know came and told us He is alive. Why is this happening?” The stranger replied, “You are foolish.” Then with each word the stranger spoke they began to understand from Scripture why Jesus had to die and then enter into His glory as the Risen Lord.

Are we also foolish at times when things happen that we do not understand? What about the big question of what is life about? Where do we seek the answer? What do our actions show?

                     Question: What do we know about the city of Emmaus?

Answer: What we know about Emmaus from the Scriptures is that it was located about seven miles from Jerusalem and the destination of Cleopas and his companion. Emmaus, was mentioned in early writings prior to Christ. The early church historian Eusebius who lived from 260-339 AD writes, “Emmaus, whence was Cleopas from who is mentioned by the Evangelist Luke. Today it is Nicopolis, a famous city of Palestine.”