Pastor Barry Kolb writes, “Over the years, I have read books on prayer, gone to seminars, listened to speakers who claimed to have insight on how to pray.  I have always been left acknowledging that yes, all these elements are true, for they came from the mouth of Jesus—but I still did not seem to have a satisfying answer to the request, “Lord, teach us to pray.”  However, as we take another look at the Scriptures today I believe the Lord will reveal something deeper about prayer and what He intended it to be.”

Jesus gave the Lord’s Prayer in response to the disciple’s request, “Lord, teach us to pray.”  The disciples seem to have waited a long time to ask Jesus to teach them to pray—even though as temple & synagogue attending Jews they would’ve already been taught to pray. But being with Jesus for months, perhaps years—they have watched Him praying in every circumstance of life.  They’d seen Him taking time to be alone to pray.  They began to understand that Jesus lived a life guided & empowered by prayer. And no doubt his prayers were much different than the rote prayers of the priest & rabbis.  As a result, I think as they watched Him pray, it has caused them to realize how very little they truly knew about prayer.  Whatever the cause, the disciples turn to Jesus & ask, “Lord, will you teach us to pray?” Perhaps we also need to ask the same question, “Lord, teach us to pray?”  And then learn from the Master Himself!


Question: What is the Parable of the Midnight Visitor?

Answer: Immediately after teaching the disciples to pray the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus told the parable of a man who had no bread to feed an unexpected visitor. The man goes to his neighbor and ask for bread. Did he get bread from his neighbor? That is the next question.


        Welcome College World Series and Pastor Barry Kolb

We welcome “Pastor Barry Kolb as our guest pastor Sunday. Dr. Kolb has been and remains involved in life and the love of our God that binds us together. Barry and his wife Nancy just moved earlier this year from the Fort Worth, Texas area to Branson, Missouri. Barry continues to teach at the Louisiana State Prison in Angola and serve on the board of Christ for India and serves as President of the doctrinal oversight council for Crossways Ministry. Barry continues to write and post a weekly sermon at:  And yes, Barry loves college baseball and so we are fortunate to once again welcome Barry and Nancy to Word of Life.