The love of God is shared there, we are forgiven

And what’s better than that? Nothing. Nothing surpasses the forgiveness that has been won for us by Jesus our Savior.

It gives us a firm foundation for living

There’s enough chaos, enough pulling us in different directions. When we go to church we get our priorities right. The love of God shared in church gives us a firm foundation for life.

It gives us support

We draw on the strength of others and we, by God’s grace, encourage and nourish others.

At church we …

  • Are touched by God’s love and to respond joyfully.
  • Sing songs to carry our hearts all week long.
  • Are honest with God about our sin and hear His forgiveness.
  • Hear the Scriptures explained and applied to our lives.
  • Learn the substance of our faith.
  • Connect to the power God gives in the Lord’s Supper and Baptism
  • Connect with people who care about us.
  • Go out with God’s blessing.